Welcome to our range of hand crafted Porcelain and Ceramic Vases. Every piece is unique so you will forever own one of a kind. Inspired by the natural beauty of the ocean and bush, these pieces are created to reflect the form and texture of Australia's land and seascapes.

  • Small Cream Vases

    Small sized cream vases are sold as complete three piece vases. Having three separate components allows for the vase to be reassembled and restyled with other small sized totem pieces.

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  • Small Black Vases

    Our stylish small sized black vases are influenced by the Australian bush and sea. These vases are perfect for small spaces, desk tops and mantle pieces.

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  • Medium Cream Vases

    Our medium cream vases are sold as complete three piece vases. The upper components can be interchanged with medium or large sized totem pieces or any pieces from our other similar sized vases.

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  • Large Cream Vases

    Our large cream vases average 10 - 12cm in height and are a stylish addition to any decor. The crisp freshness of the warm white hue ensures this ranges adaptability in any setting.

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  • Extra Large Cream Vases

    Our largest sized cream vases are perfect for flower arrangements. Averaging 15 cm in height, they add style and warmth to any space.

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  • An Invitation to Engage

    With changeable top layers that encourage creativity and playfulness, my intention is the owner becomes the artist engaging with their pieces, transforming the vases into their own works of art.

Our Vases are Unique

Each vase or totem component is handcrafted and one of a kind. Some pieces begin on the wheel and are then crafted by hand. After the piece dries, it is sanded by hand to smooth any areas before firing. As you mix and match pieces and they sit on top of each other there are sometimes small gaps between the layers, this is intentional and reflects the handmade element of each piece. There may be slight colour differences in the cream vases due to firing. Pieces are non-porous but as they are not glazed they will retain some staining if liquids such as red wine or coffee come into contact with them. Please check the sizing of each vase before purchasing as images may seem smaller or larger than the actual size.

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Our handmade porcelain and ceramic vases are inspired by nature. The captivating ocean, the textured coral and the Australian bush provide endless inspiration. Each piece is one of a kind and with interchangeable components, you have the freedom to reassemble and recreate your own designs, unlocking infinite styling options to compliment mood, decor and seasons.

Build Your Own

Explore endless possibilities with our vases by mixing and matching the upper components with other single totem pieces of the same size. Whether it is for your creative mood, the changing seasons, or your room decor, you become the artist to create multiple vase designs.

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